Our Focus

We challenge the status quo by using unorthodox concepts and strategic executions when dealing with projects. Conceptualising and creating strategies in this manner allows us the perfect opportunity to collaborate with brands we love. Through our activations and projects, we create a space of influence for our partners(carts) and their portfolio of work, thus demonstrating our passion for moving ideas.

Strategy Development

We have the technical expertise to develop and manage strategies, therefore optimising the process.


Identifying projects

We are inspired by the importance of collaborations which is the reason we choose to team up with our clients and partners to form passion projects.

Designing concepts

We believe in unique concepts, that results into innovative quality work. Always in a think tank.

Brand activations

We find it hard to just plan without execution, we enjoy being part of the process because proper executions plays a big role in how a brand is perceived.

Trend analysis

We find it very important to take the initiative to make informed decisions regardless of the type of work you carry through. Research is a must.

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